When to Add Belgian Candi Syrup

When to Add Belgian Candi Syrup: Find Your Sweet Timing!

Often we’ve a hard time figuring out when is the right moment to add candi syrup. Some might add it too early while others might be a little late.

And within this little difference of time the whole recipe is ruined. 

So, the question arises: When to add belgian candi syrup? 

Belgian Candi syrup can be  added while 40 min in the boil time. Or, you can take a different approach and add it 20 or 10 min before flameout. It can also be added after peak fermentation into primary.  You can pick your time and method according to your own convenience and choice. 

Well this was just a short overview. To get into the details of these procedures let’s scroll down, shall we?

Use of Candi Syrup

Belgian candi syrups come in a wide variety of forms, packaging, and nationalities. Among these are: US, Dutch, Belgian, British, etc. Candi syrup is an essential ingredient in making high

quality ales. 

Source: hoohla.cooking

It’s essential to choose a premium quality candi syrup to improve the probability of brewing. Premium candi syrups are a balanced combination of fructose, glucose, and a very small amount of sucrose. 

The finest candi syrups are designed to have very specific proportions of various sugars. It helps order to create unique flavor profiles when consumed by Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Candi syrup should have no preservatives, acids, coloring agents, or stabilizers.

In other words, candi syrup should be all natural. And you can make the perfect candi syrup from high quality candi sugar. To help you with that, we got the best Belgian candi sugar for you! Check out these top grossing Belgian syrups that we recommend:

These candi sugars can be caramalized with ease and will pour out an elegant aroma. You can follow some great belgian candi syrup recipes to make syrups out of sugar.

The Right Moment to Add Belgian Candi Syrup

Belgian beers are popular for a lot of things. It includes unique esters and phenols compared to styles from other regions. Unlike dark candi syrup these beers are higher in ABV while maintaining the dryness. It distinguishes their styles such as Golden Strong and Tripel. 

Checking out the ABV of your beer is important in this case. For that, you’ll need a hydrometer to measure the ABV of your beer. But if you don’t have one, you can still measure ABV without hydrometer measurements.

Using belgian candi sugar and syrup in beer is also very common now. Belgian ales are brewed using candi syrup for their blending of drinkability and strength. The yeast is usually added to the fermentables in amounts of 10% to 20%. It depends on the belgian candy syrup recipe.

Now let’s look at the methods, procedures and when to add candi syrup.

While Boiling

The first attempt of adding candi syrup starts with boiling. You can usually add it two times during boiling

  1. You can add it at the beginning of boiling. This gives you more time to settle in and cut off the risk of hardening at the bottom. The yeast is not stressed and neither gets you stressed.
  1. You can also put it when there’s 15-20 minutes left on the boil. The rule of thumb here is – if you’re hoping to get aroma and flavor contributions, late you go. You can also add it after high krausen but it’s a bit of a hassle to do that.

Source: russelleverett.blogspot.com

While Flameout

The process of adding candi syrup during flameout is a popular option among the homebrewers. It simply means to add the syrup after the completion of boiling.

As a general rule, it is better to follow a specific recipe about the timing. If candi syrup is added while yeast starts to grow it creates a drier palate. If syrup is added at flame-out, it tends to be less dry.

During flameouts, it is recommended to stir in the syrup. This prevents burning off aromatics.

Preferring quality candi syrup brands for this process churns out the perfect aroma and flavor.

While Fermentation

Beer fermentation is a perfect time to add the candi syrup. It helps to prevent any hardening in the bottom of the kettle. There are few times when it can be added during fermentation-

When Fermentation is Slowed

One of the most important method is adding candi syrup to Youing candi syrupfermenter when the fermentation has slowed . Like when you don’t eat dessert before dinner for fear of feeling full. 

The yeast will take away all candi sugars before it works on the sugars from the wort. A big beer like this will not stall. Also it will help in keeping aromatics of the syrup after putting in the hot wort.

When Fermentation is Complete

After the fermentation is complete, you can add the candi syrup. But this has to be done before most of the yeast have vanished. Because you want to keep the osmotic pressure of the yeast low before you start.

Furthermore, yeast will be able to cope with more sugar being added to a high-alcohol environment. Because the can react quickly and they are more in numbers.


Splitting the Fermentation Into Half

In order to prevent the yeast from ruining during fermentation, make the candi syrup in two stages. Because you don’t want to end up with excess yeast in your beer.

First add 1 lb of syrup into the carboy. You need to add little more than mentioned in the recipe. Keeping the temperature to 75˚F/24˚C, put the fermentors into the fermentation chamber.

For the next three days into fermentation raise the temperature gradually until it reaches 82˚F. Another three days is needed for this. Add the rest of the candi syrup into the carboy. Fermentation will stop and the beer will be ready in three days later.

If you’re concerned about how to make dark belgian candi syrup, the procedures are almost the same. You just have to brew it for a little longer.


These above-mentioned procedures are all you needed to know about the right time for brewing. Following them properly will lead you to the perfect aromatic candi syrup you want.

Storage Recommendations

While storing candy syrup you must have to be cautious. Candi Syrup has a storage period of 6 months after they are sealed. And after opening it the best time to use it is within the limit of 30 days.

Candi syrup can be kept in the freezer without any side effects upto a year. It will start having a thick consistency and become thick but it won’t get frozen. Candi syrup can freeze to solid at -82 C


Is Candy Syrup Fermentable?

Yes, Candi syrup is fermentable. It is popular in Belgium for producing special and Trappist ales. A beer is fully fermented after adding candi syrup. Due to its greater fermentability, it has a lighter body and more alcohol.

Can you use maple syrup to make alcohol?

The answer is yes you can use maple syrup to make alcohol. It can be fermented to produce traditional ales and an alcohol called acerglyn. Historically, maple syrup makers fermented the last saps of the season. They were darker and less appealing, so that they could taste them over the winter.

What makes a Belgian dubbel?

Belgian dubbel can be found in many varieties. A malty sweetness and cocoa and caramel flavors can be found in them. There is some hop bitterness. Fruity esters produced by yeast (especially banana) may be apparent. 


You’ve learned when to add belgian candi syrup while brewing. Hope that helps you brew the best homemade beer. 

We suggest adding it at the end of boiling if you’re afraid of ruining the taste. Let the aroma of your candi syrup gel up everyone’s day!  

Good luck!.

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