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What is Enriched Corn Meal? [All You Need to Know]

With the variety of things present in the market it’s easy to get confused about things. On top of that distinguishing between the normal and the enriched corn meal is another battle in and of itself. 

So, exactly what is enriched corn meal?

Enriched cornmeal is basically a refined form of cornmeal. A supplement has been added when anything is referred to as “enriched.” Vitamins are often removed from the product during manufacturing. So, to regain some of that lost nutrition some supplements are often added to corn meals. 

Well, this was only a gist of the entire discussion on enriched cornmeals. We have provided all the necessary details regarding this in our article down below. 

Let’s dig in and know all about enriched cornmeal! 

Now, What is Enriched Cornmeal?

Cornmeal is one of those items that can be seen in a lot of different types of food. Starting from making tasty cornbreads to brewing beer, the use of enriched cornmeal can be seen everywhere. 

Cornmeal is a meal made from dried corn. When some sort of supplement is added to this ground meal, it is known as enriched cornmeal.

Enriched Cornmeal
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Now you may wonder, what does enriched mean in cornmeal?

Enriched is a term used to mean that something was added in the cornmeal. Vitamins are often removed from the product during manufacturing. So, to regain some of that lost nutrition some supplements are often added to cornmeals.

When the maize’s bran and germ are eliminated via milling or determination, the grain is said to be refined. When buying items with corn as an ingredient, make sure to thoroughly check the ingredient list.

Finding a non-enriched corn meal at a typical grocery shop is probably close to impossible. It is like same as drinking milk without additional vitamin D.

Is Enrich Corn Meal Healthy?

Maize and cornmeal have been demonstrated to lower cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health. The amount of selenium in one cup of cornmeal is 18.9 mcg or 34% of the daily recommended intake. 

It has been found to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. So that shows if enriched corn meal is good or bad.

For people with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity. Maize meal is a safe cooking ingredient since it does not contain gluten. Like flour made from wheat, grains do according to Colorado State University. 

Consuming maize meals offers certain advantages for one’s health. Because it contains essential nutrients.

But not all enriched cornmeal found in the store are good for you. I’ve found that a lot of brands sell inferior quality corn meals and names them enriched for branding purposes. 

Here are some enriched corn meals that I’ve found guarantees nutrition and quality:

These are the best quality cornmeals you can get in the market. You can choose as per your preference.  

Is Enrich Cornmeal Good For Brewing?

Let’s get into the main point now. We have seen enriched cornmeal is most likely all the cornmeals you can get in the market. Moreover, enriched cornmeal is really good for health. 

You have already got what is enriched corn meal used for. But does it make any difference in brewing with normal cornmeals? 

In our research, we have seen that enriched corn meals don’t make any significant change. In brewing, it doesn’t create any change in flavour, taste, or color. 

So, if you are planning to brew with enriched cornmeal then there is no issue with it. You can just brew as you do with your normal cornmeal. 

If are not even aware of brewing with your cornmeal then no worries at all. It’s just the same as brewing with corns. 

Brewing with Cornmeal 

Corn, often known as maize. It is most typically used as an auxiliary grain to lighten the body and color. Additionally, consider the flavor of the beer. 

Modern craft brewers could find that maize can be used to make beer. Despite the grain being used in a fairly bizarre way by macro brewers.

Brewing with Cornmeal
Source: food52.com

Brewers want to show that maize can be used to produce excellent beers. For some beer variants using enriched cornmeal, such as cream ale, aesthetic beer has gained popularity.

Actually, maize was a crucial component in brewing long before the current craft beer trend.  But before starting brewing check first if you have any keg regulator problems or not. Because it is essential. 

Actually, even before the current craft beer craze, maize was an essential ingredient in brewing. But first, make sure there are no keg regulator issues before you start brewing. thus it is crucial.

Malt was primarily brought to the New World by the first European immigrants for a reason. they anticipated the demand for a good beverage.

But when it disappeared, people frequently started making beer out of maize.

According to the book Brewed in America, something is asserted. Due to their perseverance, the pioneers were able to malt corn in two different methods. Despite the immense complexity of the task.

Making a large quantity of cornbread in the oven was the simplest solution. The process of making beer is a big event. The loaves were simply thrown into the mash tun by the brewers to produce wort. It was not done because malting maize was more difficult than malting barley or wheat.

It was decided that the best course of action when it came time to malt the nearby corn. It required digging a sizable hole in the ground. 

It then awaits the corn’s sprouting. The entire thing would then be dug up once more, cleaned, and put to death.

These pioneers were driven by a distinct beer obsession! Unlike figuring out the time needed to soak oak cubes in bourbon the task of brewing with enriched corn meal isn’t difficult.

You can either gather everything you need for brewing from scratch or you can get one of the at home kits. 

One of the easiest methods we’ve discovered is to buy one of the American Amber Homebrew Beer Ingredient Kit. That way you can now obtain and alter it with enriched cornmeal!

Ways of Brewing with Corn Meal

Since cornmeals’s gelatinization temperature is higher than that of barley’s, it must be heated before mashing. 

Moreover, as malting maize is a difficult procedure most brewers will press whole grain cornmeal using hot rollers. 

Consequently, the flaked cornmeal don’t need to be heated before being added to the mash.

Before being added to the mash, cornmeal grits must first be cooked in a separate container. Otherwise, treat them similarly to cornflakes.

Although maize sugar is most frequently used as priming sugar, it may also be put in the kettle. It is to increase the alcohol content without significantly altering the body, color, or flavor.

whole grain cornmeal
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We wouldn’t advise using more than a pound, two at most, in a batch of five gallons. Otherwise, your beer could become thin and cidery.

And don’t forget to take necessary precautions while brewing. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is cornmeal the same as polenta?

Yes, almost the same. The grain’s hardness is the only distinction between polenta and cornmeal. The two goods are nearly identical in every other respect. Compared to cornmeal, polenta is significantly more coarsely ground, making for a less mushy end product. Additionally, it has a bit more bite.

Is cornstarch the same as cornmeal?

No, cornmeal and cornstarch are not the same. Unlike cornmeal and corn flour, which are made from whole corn kernels. The endosperm of the maize kernel is used to make cornstarch. Corn flour has a fine texture, cornmeal is grittier, and cornstarch has a powdered consistency.

Is cornmeal hard to digest?

Corn is especially challenging to digest because of its high cellulose content. Therefore, it is challenging for cornmeal to absorb nutrients. This is the rationale behind the development of the nixtamalization method by the Aztec and Mayan civilizations. Which employs lime to digest maize to produce masa flour.


So, we hope now you have all the ideas about what is enriched corn meal! 

But while you are brewing please use the exact type of corn as the brew requires. Otherwise, It may change the colour and the taste.

Till then enjoy your drink. 

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