Too Many IPAs : Everything You Need to Know

Being a beer lover, you would love to enjoy a sip of any type of beer.

What if you see the same type of beer every day?  That can make you feel tiresome.

A  question arises, “why too many IPAs?”

The reason behind too many IPA is its easy manufacturing and public demand. The Brewing of IPA is easier than other beer types. Also, it doesn’t take much time to brew IPA. Just 2 to 3 weeks. Not only that. If there is any error you make while making the beer, you can easily cover them up.

However, this is not the end. To solve the mystery behind excessive IPA, you need to dig in more.That’s why I brought you this article! Go through this and all your queries will get clear.

Pack up! It’s time to drop, shock and rock.

Why Too Many IPA? Initiate Searching

Nowadays, almost every stall at any beer fest will have one IPA at least.

You may think, why so?

Well, there are plenty of reasons working behind people drinking too many IPAs. So, let’s figure them out.


One of the prime reasons for the mass production of IPA is that it’s trendy. That’s why the company wants to stay at the top of production by maintaining the trend. 

Recently, IPA has become a famous type of beer among people. To keep up with this fame, the brewery industry brews IPA the most. 

Source: wikipedia

Almost every brewery has an IPA criterion. This way, the production and sales of the company rise.

Another important factor is people like crafted beers. It’s because craft beers have unique tastes. So, IPA is just everywhere!

Thus, people would even compare 12oz beer with 16 oz. But won’t have a second doubt about IPAs. 

The taste and flavor of conventional American beers are often considered pale. As a result, people prefer crafted beers. Thus, there are too many IPAs.


Another fact for which there are many IPA out there is their availability. 

Since beers are not available in every place all the time. Most of the time you have to store your favorite beer in the refrigerators if you want them later. 

However, IPA has made these pretty easy for beer lovers. When other beers are barely available, you can easily find IPA in any region or any season. 

As a result, people love IPA. And so, the companies tend to make more and more IPAs. After all, it is not stout or lager, but an IPA that you can easily get!

Easy Cover Up

You can easily cover up any flaw regarding your beer for IPA. Yes. Another fact for why there are so many IPAs.

It can happen any time that the brewers can make mistakes and there can be errors regarding the taste of the beer. 

For most beers, this error cannot be easily undone. 

In the case of IPA, breeders can cover up any mistake while making the beer. They typically add up flavors of fruits, lactose, etc. These additives keep the taste of the beer alright. 

Thus if there is any complexity, that is getting easily avoided. So, the brewers do not have to face any loss for their beer business.

Easy Brewing

IPA is easy to brew if compared to other beer types. 

Technically, ale is considered one of the easiest beers to brew. Still, the brewing of IPA is easier. 

It’s because it’s less risky to produce an IPA. 

If there is any single mistake while making a beer, it can spoil the whole beer. However, there are no such risks while making IPA beer. 

Moreover, as said before, even if there is any flaw, the brewers can easily alter the problem by using additives. 

If you want, you can find IPA extract kits too. This way, you can make homebrewed IPA very easily with given recipes. Like the Whiny the Youngster Imperial IPA

Thus, IPA brewing becomes technically easier than other beers.

Appealing Taste

IPAs come with different tastes and flavors. Most of the beers taste the same and you can get almost the same aroma from every beer. 

However, IPAs with more additives provide many variations of crafted beers. As a result, you can get more than a typical beer taste from the IPAs. 

Plus, since many manufacturers produce beers, the taste varies more. Ultimately, there’s more IPA out there.

The taste is so appealing that you might even forget that extra IPAs can make you sick!

More Alcohol Content

The alcohol content is more than other beers in the IPAs. There is approximately 7% alcohol present in IPA. Which is almost 2 times the regular lagers. 

No wonder why IPAs are so strong, right?

So, if you are fond of alcohol, then IPA is the best shot for you! Since this alcohol rate is enough for most beer lovers to enjoy their sip. You also do not want to have anything but a cold beer right? Here’re some top can coolers for you.

For most of the beers, this alcohol is limited to a lesser percentage and they can’t enjoy the beer. 

So, it becomes hard to get over the IPAs once you taste them and this explains why there are so many IPAs. Irrespective of how many IPAs you can drink, you will love it.

These are some of the prime reasons why IPAs are too much out there in the beer market. Ultimately it’s the taste, fragrance, and feeling of the alcoholic delight. 

Just think of a bitter mouthful taste beer, with thick cloudlines and a fine percentage of alcohol of 5-7%. Who can deny such a wonderful delight?


Can Too Much IPA Trigger Allergy?

Yes, it can. People with allergies suffer the most from drinking too much IPA.

Generally, IPAs contain more alcohol and more hops than any other beers out there. As a result, this triggers the allergy. Skin rashes and the discomfort of the throat are some such allergies that can get triggered.

Can Too Much IPA be Unhealthy?

Excessive IPA can be injurious. IPAs contain alcohol, fats, and calories more than other beers. Plus, there are more sugars and many additives present in the IPA. This can lead to health complexities and sickness if IPA is taken too much. However, a limited amount of IPA is not very alarming.

Are IPA and Ale the Same?

No. There are a few differences between IPA and Ale. Although the processing for both IPA and ale is the same. Still, IPA has a more intense taste than ale. IPAs are usually more bitter or sweet than ales, based on the additives. Again the percentage of alcohol is 5 in ale, whereas it is 7 in IPA. 

Does Excessive IPA Mean Excessive Estrogen?

No. Excessive IPA is not excessive Estrogen. Recently many drinkers were anxious about the amount of Estrogen in their drinks. However, this amount is too small for a person and it can’t do any harm. If you are an IPA lover, don’t lose breath!


Beer-lover! It’s time. Probably you know why there are too many IPAs.

However, if you are still not clear, then there are always brewer experts out there. They give you some really top-notch advice.

I should go for now.

There’s someone at the door. Perhaps it’s my IPA delivery!

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