Safale 04 vs 05

Safale 04 vs 05: Choose the Best Yeast Strain

Homebrewers like us want to brew the best beers. For that, we’ve to carefully pick the yeast strains.

The taste, texture, and aroma of the beer are highly dependent on the strain.

Safale 04 and 05 are two very popular yeast strains. But which one is better between Safale 04 vs 05?

Both the Safale 04 and 05 has different origins and flavors. The color of Safale 04 is dark brown, whereas the 05 is has lighter tint. The S-04 has a fruity English taste compared to the US-05 which tastes of clean malt with crisps. Fermenting S-04 requires lower temperature than fermenting the S-05.

That only covers the tip of the iceberg. There’s more distinguishing factors between the two yeast strains that’s yet to be mentioned. 

Interested for more? Why not jump in and see what we have to offer!

Short Comparison 

Safale 04 and Safale 05 are two strains of yeasts used to brew beer. Despite their same first names, they are not much alike. The brewing method and taste depend a lot on the yeast strains.

The stains of the yeast are as significant as the wheat for beer. So you have to check all the facts about them carefully. Check out the below table to know about all the key differences between Safale 04 and 05.

Factors Safale 04 Safale 05
Color Dark BrownLight Brown
Flavor ProfileSlightly Fruity with An Earthy English CharacterClean Malt with Crisp Taste & Low Diacetyl
Fermentation Temperature 59 to 68 Degrees Fahrenheit 64 to 75 Degrees Fahrenheit 
Pitching temperature 70 to 75 Degrees Fahrenheit 77 to 84 Degrees Fahrenheit 
Brewing Time2 to 3 Days3 to 5 Days 
Flocculation RateHighMedium 
Attenuation 72-82%78-82%
Price (500 Grams)Around $80 Around $90
Buy it from AmazonCheck PriceCheck Price

Once you go through the comparison table you can make a quick judgment. However, there are more details to it. The next segment will have all the details on their differences. Keep reading!

Extended Comparison 

A detailed discussion is necessary to make the right call. We will not disappoint you. Below we have gathered all the necessary factors in fewer words.


The origin of the Safale 04 and 05 is in two different continents. The Safale 05 strain originated in the USA. For this reason, it is also known as us-05. It is better for American beer recipes because of its origin.

On the other hand, Safale 04 is an English strain of yeast. The nickname of Safale 05 is s-05. Safale 04 gives English taste and characteristics to the beer produced from it.

If you prefer something different that the two yeasts, take a look at some other quality brands:

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The color of the beer is highly dependent on the strain of yeast used. But the color should not be a concern to a brewer. Because any beer is known for its taste, not color or composition. 

Both the beers are brown. But the shades of brown are very different. The color of Safale 04 is dark brown. You can easily decide if the beer is made from s-04. And the brown color of us-05 is very light. 


However, this color difference is most noticeable during the brewing time. The color becomes very similar once the beer settles after brewing. 


Yeasts used in brewing generally come in two forms. The forms are liquid yeast and dry yeast. These two yeasts have different effects on the beer. However, in the case of Safale 04 and 05, both yeasts come in the same form.

S-04 and US-05 come in dry form. So they can be stored easily. Ingredients such as Dry yeasts also remain usable for a long time. You don’t have to give much thought here as both of the yeasts are dry.

Flavor Profile

Now let’s discuss a very important factor that distinguishes US-05 and S-04. And that is the taste of the beers brewed from them. Taste is a very important aspect of producing beers at home.

Safale 04 has a fruity flavor. Since it is of English origin, you will find an earthy English taste in it. On the contrary, Safale 05 has American tastes in it. US-05 has a low amount of Diacetyl and that is noticeable in its taste.

The Safale US-05 flavor profile can be described as crisp with clean molt. So how good is Safale 04 vs 05 for stout? With appropriate recipes and temperature, stout can be made from both these yeasts.

However, the taste depends completely on one’s taste buds. Whichever sounds better between 16oz or 12oz beer. 

Fermentation Temperature 

Accurate fermentation is necessary to get the authentic taste of the beer. There are adverse effects of too high or low fermentation temperatures. This temperature is different for Safale 05 and 04.

The S-04 is fermented at a lower temperature than the US-05. The ideal temperature of fermenting it is between 59 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas Safale US-05 high temperature is needed. It is fermented at a temperature of 64 to 75 degrees. 

Make sure that you operate with a quality fermenter.

Pitching temperature 

Pitching temperature is another essential factor in brewing mechanisms. Yeasts are added to the wort for fermenting. At that time the temperature of the wort is to be kept higher. This temperature is called pitching temperature. 

The pitching temperature of Safale S-04 is 70 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. And this temperature is 77 to 84 Degrees Fahrenheit for Safale US-05. To get the optimum taste this pitching temperature must be maintained. 

Brewing Time

Brewing time refers to the fermentation period of the beer. This time is individual for every type of yeast used. The brewing periods of Safale 05 and 04 are also different. 

Safale 04 is known for its quick brewing time. It gets fermented within a short time. Only 2-3 days is enough for the fermentation of Safale 04. 

Safale 05 takes a little longer than 04. So how to use Safale us-05 for fermentation? It needs 3 to 4 days to complete fermentation. 

Comparison of Brewing time, fermentation temperature, and pitching temperature

Flocculation Rate

Yeasts form a clump or a bond when they are kept together. This phenomenon is known as Flocculation. It induces the brewing procedure in some ways. Filtration becomes easy with a high flocculation rate. 

But when the yeasts get clumped fermentation stops. So they need to be recirculated if the fermentation is not finished. The flocculation rate of Safale 04 is high. On the other hand, US-05 has a medium flocculation rate.



Brewing is the process of breaking sugar to convert it into alcohol. And Carbon dioxide is produced as a byproduct. Attenuation of yeast means the amount of sugar it can convert. Higher attenuation means a higher rate of alcohol conversion.

For an accurate attenuation measurement, use you need a hydrometer

The attenuation rate of Safale S-04 is 72 to 82%. And Safale US-05 attenuation rate is 78 to 82%. That means the yeasts convert 78 to 82% of the sugar into alcohol on average. Beers with high attenuation are dryer than those with low ones.


Now let’s check the S-04 and US-05 prices and compare them. The price does not differ too much for these two variants of yeast. You will get 500 grams of Safale 05 for the price of about $90. 

The cost of 500 grams of Safale 04 is about $80. So the difference is $10. The role of price in choosing between these yeasts is very negligible compared to their tastes.

These are all the key differences between Safale 04 and 05. Now you can make your decision. 

Yeast strainer is a very handy tool for filtering out the yeast from beers. If you prefer your homebrewed beer to have a clean taste, you should go for it. Here are some impenetrable yield strainers we recommend:

Use the strainers to finely filter the yeasts from your beer.

Carefully choose the correct yeast and pair it with the best stout hops. If you are still confused, keep scrolling.

Below we will help you to choose by presenting our views on the matter.

Final Verdict 

Beer is a consumable product. So choosing the yeast is largely dependent on the taste of the brewer. Still, we will try to analyze Safale 04 and 05 and give a verdict.

Safale 05 is an American dry yeast good for making American beers. It has a medium flocculation rate. But the attenuation rate of US-05 is higher than its competitor. Also, it needs a high temperature for pitching and fermentation. 

On the other hand, S-04 can be fermented in a short time with less temperature. Price of Safale 04 is somewhat less than the 05 too. If you like the English taste in beer, you can go for S-04.

Before making a final decision on the technicalities, it’s better to taste both the beers. Go for the yeast that suits your taste bud. 


How do you use Safale s-04?

You use Safale s-04 by adding it in an appropriate amount with the wort. Then it has to ferment at the temperature of 59 to 68 degrees F. The brewing period is about 2 to 3 days. The measurements of the yeast can get confusing. So simply take 10 times the volume of wort and add the S-04 to it.

Can you add too much yeast to beer?

Yes, you can add too much yeast to beer. Yeast is a supreme compound of brewing beer. But too much yeast will lessen the quality of it. By adding yeast more than required, you will speed up the fermentation time. The beer will be produced quickly but will not have desired taste and quality. 

How many dry yeast packets equal a beer?

7 to 14 grams of dry yeast is equal to 4 to 4 gallons of beer. Dry yeast is sold in powdered form. It is easy for the new brewers to use this yeast. The packets of yeast contain lots of useful yeasts. A packet has about 70b yeast cells in it. So a small amount of yeast will produce a lot of beer.


We hope that now you are clear about Safale 04 vs 05. We tried to cover everything on this topic. It’s upto you now to choose.

Store the yeasts properly once you bought them.Dead and unhealthy yeasts will not produce high-quality beer. 

That’s all for today. Thank You!

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