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As mentioned in our September 20th Kickstarter update, we’ve been regularly meeting with wineries across the US to expand our starting selection.

We have personally met with 150+ of the most respected wineries and distributors across the world, such as renown brands like Cakebread, Fischer Vineyards, Clos Du Val, Caymus, and Constellation Brands. While some of these relationships are still pending, we rarely receive a hard “no” from anyone.

With supply options no longer an issue, our current challenge is simply curating the best starting selection for you. It’s the crawl, walk, run model: we want to offer you a great selection to start out. Then, based on your ratings, we’ll gradually expand our offerings to bring you more and more wine, tailored more and more to your evolving preferences. Every wine you rate will directly impact the current selection, and help us choose which additional wineries to bring on board next.