Somm Master Launch Plan

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Hey everyone,

If you weren't part of the Facebook Live video discussion (here)... let’s cut to the chase: We’re delaying the launch until June 2017. Despite tremendous progress in getting Somm ready for you, the initial test run of dispensers just didn’t meet our high expectations. We want to deliver the absolute best and – though the decision was extremely difficult – we felt that the only way to do exactly that was to push the launch date back. (More on how we made the decision in a second.)

Like you, we’re not thrilled about the delay, but don’t worry – we’ll always take of you. Here’s how:

  1. DOUBLE YOUR WINE. We’re going to double any wine order you make before Christmas for free. That includes every Sylo that you've already bought. When you create an account with the mobile app, your voucher / credits will be ready and waiting.
  2. HOLIDAY GIFT. You’ll get a gift to put under the tree in time for Christmas. Plus, you’ll receive a personalized and physical membership card for the Somm Elite Club.
  3. SOMM ELITE CLUB. The 350+ wineries that we’re interacting with want to do something special for you. Expect to receive incredible deals, wine tastings and other special offers going forward, exclusive only to our early adopters!


For those of you new to the SYNEK journey, Somm is not our first trip down the Kickstarter path. The experience we gained through bringing our first project to life, the SYNEK Craft Beer Dispenser, taught us a lot. Especially the importance of getting it right the first time.

With SYNEK Beer, we rushed everything to make sure we hit our initial deadline, and unfortunately, it just didn't come out right at first. Constant feedback and iteration are imperative to the long-term success of a product like Somm. So that's what we're going to do. To get the app running, the delivery seamless, and the product properly tested for every conceivable defect...we’re slowing down. Doing it right. And giving you EXACTLY what we promised from the beginning.

So in the spirit of full disclosure, we’ve laid out our entire plan for you on this part of the website. Major categories listed below:

We really appreciate your understanding and support. We’re working hard to get you a Somm that we can both be proud of. We’ll update you next week with our progress.

Steve, Eric, Anna, Zachary, Raymund, & Jacob
The SYNEK Team