Sylo + Dispenser Design

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When we received the initial test run of Somm dispensers, the core technology functioned well, but certain design elements did not. We’ve been collaborating with our engineering team and our new winery partners to tweak certain aspects of the design. It’s been humbling to work with individuals so passionate and knowledgeable about the craft.

Here are the specific elements we are focusing on:

  1. Perfecting the purge cycle
  2. Creating an accelerated aeration system that will ultra-aerate wine
  3. Streamlining the Sylo design for easier loading and unloading
  4. Integrating the data to better connect you with your favorite wines
  5. Giving you a more controlled, more elegant pour through an electromagnetic handle

Your voice matters in this process, and we will always consult you on major design changes. With that in mind, please keep the feedback coming and keep a lookout for our emails requesting your opinion.