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Our team of developers has grown to meet our ambitious plans for the mobile app and has recently completed the first beta version (see the demo below):

The greatest challenge going forward will be connecting the digital architecture and the physical dispenser (which is still undergoing many tweaks). While on a high level, this is fairly straightforward to do, but the challenge comes with the numerous variables surrounding every Somm pour: different wines, internet connectivity, the quickly growing selection, and syncing it to our distribution + fulfillment centers.

To make the app and algorithm deliver on the promise of perfectly curated wine selections for your palate, we’ve prioritized the development of the following features:

  • Your wine DNA profile that will give you insights about your palate
  • Quizzes and wine check ins to flesh out your wine DNA profile
  • Custom-tailored recommendations
  • Direct-to-door ordering
  • The ability to interact and engage directly with wineries
  • Engagement points to help you learn more about the wines you’re drinking
  • A clear view of what kind of wine is inside your Somm and how much is left in your Sylo
  • A comprehensive look at your personalized collection of Sylos
  • Automatic re-ordering when Sylos run low