maple syrup as priming sugar

Maple Syrup as Priming Sugar – Does It Work?

Priming is a really important part of brewing. As the flavour depends on what and how you are priming. There are several alternatives to priming sugar that you may choose from.

But is it possible to use maple syrup as priming sugar?

The answer to using maple syrup as priming sugar is both a yes and a no. Some cooks say it doesn’t make any difference in flavour. And some say if you follow the correct recipe you can get a good sweet flavour. You can only get a sweet taste when you use authentic maple syrup as priming sugar.   

This was only a small gist of the entire debate. We have provided all the ins and outs of this topic in our article below. 

So, let’s have a look at how to make the perfect brew with maple syrup. 

How Good is Maple Syrup for Priming?

Generally, there are two kinds of opinions when it comes to maple syrup for priming sugar. Some cooks voted for it and then again some voted against it. But both opinions have different logic.

Brewing beer with lavender has also this kind of opinion. Some of the cooks claimed that the use of maple syrup as a prime doesn’t actually matter. Remember that syrup is just sugar. And that all that’s left once the sugar ferments is a faintly woody flavour.

maple syrup as a prime

In general, it depends on the beer and how sensitive your taste is. It will range from barely perceptible to almost undetectable. Instead of using a high-quality extract, prime with a cane or corn sugar. If you want a maple flavour, that is.

Simply put, we want to make sure that your expectations are reasonable. We’re not asking you to refrain from trying new things. The joy of home brewing includes that.

In addition, you ought to start there if you’ve never followed the directions carefully. If not, you won’t be aware of the changes you made. 

But there are also some opinions that maple syrup can also add flavours. If you can properly cook with it. But maple syrup is best for brown ales. 

Let’s have a small heads up. 

So, do you want to try Maple syrup with Brown ales

If you want to try maple syrup with brown ales then you can try experimenting with maple syrup as your priming sugar. It helps to produce a flavour combination perfect for a crisp fall or winter night. 

Whether grade A or B, use 1 1/4 cups for a 5-gallon batch. Then mix it with water once more to dilute the syrup. It’s simple to over-carbonate if you add too much, just like with any of these other priming sugars.

Unlike using raisins for brewing using maple syrup as priming sugar doesn’t add much of a taste. 

That being said, some good-quality authentic maple syrup does leave behind a strong taste. For your ease we’ve listed some of our most used maple syrups for brewing:

Maple SyrupWhere To Get
365 by Whole Foods Market, Syrup Maple, 12 Fl OzCheck Latest Price
Coombs Family Farms Maple Syrup, Pure Grade A, 32 Fl OzCheck Latest Price
365 by Whole Foods Market, Syrup Maple, 32 Fl OzCheck Latest Price
NOW Foods, Certified Organic Maple Syrup, Grade A 16-OunceCheck Latest Price
Livlo Sugar-Free Keto Maple Syrup Check Latest Price

These are the most authentic maple syrups you can get in the market. Moreover, they leave behind a refreshing gourmand taste. 

Priming With Maple Syrup [Best Recipe]

Try this excellent recipe for a Scottish ale if you enjoy them! You’ll be hankering after more of the complex, maple-infused tastes in this classic beverage.

There aren’t many tastes as unique and delightful as maple syrup, whether it’s French toast, waffles, or pancakes. 

But your ideal Sunday brunch certainly included maple syrup when you were a child right?

maple syrup

You can flavour your own beer with maple syrup. A variety of beer types go nicely with maple syrup. Especially those that accentuate malt characteristics, due to its high fermentability and unique flavour. 

In today’s beer recipe, a traditional pairing of a Scottish ale and a maple brown ale is used.

It is well known that Scotch ales have a robust malt taste with caramel overtones. Nevertheless, they often have modest IBUs. It adds a small piece of roasted barley may make them taste bitterer than they actually are. 

Almost all of the sugar in maple syrup ferments away due to its high sugar content. It leaves only a little flavouring. So, enjoy!


To make a brew with maple syrup as priming sugar there are some ingredients that you need. All of the ingredients that you’ll need are given below.

Ingredients is for a 5.5-gallon batch: Which has OG: 1.046, FG: 1.010, ABV: 4.7%, IBUs: 15.5, and SRM 12. 

Now that you know the ingredients, let’s jump into the preparation process.

Partial Mash Directions: 

In 1.25Qts of crystal-clear, chlorine-free water, crushed grains should be mashed for 60 minutes at 156°F. The grains are removed by straining the mash through a strainer into a boiling kettle. 

Next, rinse the grains with one quart of 170°F water while collecting the runoff in the kettle. And then drain the grains. Bring the malt extract and three litres of water to a boil.

Partial Mash

Boil the concoction for 60 minutes and add the Magnum hops. Remove the saucepan from the heat after the water has reached a full boil. Then mix in the maple syrup, and let the wort cool to 60 degrees or less.

In a clean, sterilized fermenter, add wort and 5.5 litres of cool, clear, chlorine-free water.  Mix vigorously to aerate. 

At 58 °F, start the yeast, and let it ferment for at least two weeks. The bottle or keg should contain around 2.5 litres of CO2.

All-Grain Option: 

Instead of using malt extract, add 7.2 pounds of pale ale malt. At 156 degrees, grain is crushed for one hour. Take two gallons of wort out of the mash during the second phase. to create one gallon, boil it.

There will be caramelization as a result. Sparge to make a total of seven gallons of wort. Remember doing it taking into account the one gallon of caramelized wort. 

After boiling for 30 minutes, magnum hops are added. Then wait another 60 minutes of boiling and let it caramelize.

Some of the early mash runnings are sometimes removed from all-grain Scotch ale recipes. And boiled down to produce caramelization rather than using caramel malt to obtain the taste. 

As one might expect, the maple syrup pairs nicely with these caramel tastes.

Some brewers like using grade-B maple syrup since it has a fuller maple flavor. While normal grade-A syrup that you could use on pancakes will also work. 

Be careful, avoid adding any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives to your beverage. You need to be sure you use pure, natural maple syrup. 

And don’t forget to use some tips to preserve your beer for keeping it fresh longer.


Can honey be used for priming sugar?

Yes, you can use honey as priming sugar. In place of priming sugar, use 1 cup of honey for each batch of 5 gallons. In 8 to 16 ounces of water, boil it. The honey solution should now be added to the bottom of your bottling bucket. After that, pour your beer into the honey mixture.

Can you use corn syrup as priming sugar?

Yes, you can use corn syrup for priming sugar. Corn syrup is the simplest priming sugar you can discover. It’s accessible without having to visit the neighborhood home brew shop. It dissolves quickly in water, and It’s inexpensive! That’s why it is very popular among cooks.

Can I use normal sugar for brewing beer?

Yes, you can use normal sugar for brewing beer. In the great majority of situations, all sugars are the same. You won’t be able to tell the difference between regular table sugar and white granulated sugar. Therefore yes, you may use it. But generally, it doesn’t add any extra flavor to your brew. 


So, by this point I hope you know how to use maple syrup as priming sugar. 

Lastly, if you want to take the risk remember to follow the exact recipe we have given. Experimenting too much may result in your brew getting spoiled. So be careful of that.

Till then enjoy your drink!

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