Kegerator Not Cold Enough

Kegerator Not Cold Enough: 3 Common Reasons and Fixes

Kegerator is an amazing machine to keep your beer cool. However, it must be frustrating to see that your Kegerator isn’t cold enough. For that reason, your beer won’t be cold or chilly.

So you might be wondering why is your Kegerator not cold enough?

Oftentimes, the main reason for Kegerator not getting expectedly cold is due to unadjusted temperature. For which beer cannot be preserved. Secondly, the ice in the back wall may cause improper air circulation. Lastly, dust in the condenser coil causes inefficiency. 

These problems can make you worried. But fear not! We have addressed every problem with your kegerator and provided adequate solutions too.

So, let’s jump right away!

How Does a Kegerator Work?

Kegerator works similarly to a refrigerator. A kegerator works by refrigerating circulation inside by turning a liquid into gas. That way it keeps all the beers chilly.

Then, the kegerator’s dispensary pipes are used to get beers out. It adds CO2 pressure to the kegerator to force the beer upward and out of it.

That’s how basically a kegerator works.

Why Is My Kegerator Not Cooling Properly?

Just like a refrigerator, a kegerator can face multiple issues for not cooling. So, let’s see the main reasons behind it.

Unadjusted Temperature

Every kegerator comes with a temperature sensor. You can manually control the temperature from here.

But sometimes inadequate adjustment of the temperature can cause it to fluctuate. Sometimes the sensor malfunctions and cannot set the accurate temperature. For which, your kegerator is not cooling properly.


Another common issue is frosting. Frosting happens when thick layers of ice block air ventilation.


For this reason, cold air cannot travel around the room. This results in temperature fluctuation.

Dirty Condenser Coil

Condenser coil is another key component of the kegerator. It removes warm air from the vent and helps to circulate cold air.

Consequently, having a dirty condenser coil is a bad thing. It hampers the initial function of a kegerator. 

Things to Consider Before Checking Kegerator’s Temperature

Before we jump into troubleshooting, you need to understand some basics. Kegerator’s ideal temperature is 34-40° F. Even one of the problems of nostalgia kegerator is the temperature issue.

Now, follow two steps to check the accurate kegerator’s temperature.

First, you should check your beer temperature to evaluate the kegerator’s temperature. Because air temperature fluctuates a lot more than liquid. So, if your beer’s temperature is cold enough, then your kegerator is working fine.


Lastly, keep in mind if your kegerator is empty or full. Because an empty kegerator needs to function more to keep it cold. So, kegerator temperature fluctuation happens a lot. As air temperature fluctuates a lot when it’s empty, you should check it again. 

Now if you still think that your kegerator isn’t cold enough then troubleshooting is necessary.

Troubleshooting Kegerator Temperature Problems

Now you may think about how to make the kegerator colder? So for that kegerator troubleshooting is necessary.

Commonly unadjusted temperature, ice on the back wall, or dirty condenser coil are the main culprit. With that said let’s troubleshoot kegerator temperature issues.

Problem 1 of 3 Unadjusted Temperature

Unadjusted temperature can be the most common cause. If the temperature isn’t set at the ideal temperature then your bear can look hazy. 

Kegerator thermostat adjustment is necessary to adjust the temperature. 


To begin, unplug the kegerator. Remove the two set screws that attach the thermostat to the refrigerator.

Thirdly, turn the black temperature dial-up to the highest level. Remove the temperature dial’s black knob. The thermostat must be removed from the black casing by removing the two screws.

Next, a little Phillips head screw lies immediately above the dial. This is the area that needs to be adjusted.

Now spin this screw a quarter turn at a time. To make it cooler, turn the screw clockwise, and to make it warmer, turn it counter-clockwise.

Finally, connect the kegerator to the power source.

However, in many cases, the thermostat can be broken. So, a kegerator thermostat fix should be taken into consideration. You can use Lux as your main thermostat too for an accurate read.

Facing problems with faulty kegerator thermometers? You can try out these kegerator thermostats:

The thermostats will provide you an accurate reading of the kegerator temperature.

Problem 2 of 3 Ice on the Back Wall

Solid ice can block the air fan and ventilation. Once the ice is built up, the air circulation gets hampered.

Follow the steps below to defrost a kegerator


Firstly, unplug the kegerator. You can even turn the temperature down to 0° too without unplugging it.

Secondly, leave the kegerator’s door open. Keep the door open as long as the ice melts. Use a tray or towel to catch those melted ice water. Nano towel or Wirtco drip tray is recommended. 

Thirdly, collect the large chunks of ice when it gets separated from the wall. 

Now, clean the surface and let it dry.

Finally, once the kegerator is dry plug it on or set the temperature to 34-40° F.

You should also clean the kegerator’s dispensing pipes with clean water. Otherwise, the beer won’t come out of the kegerator.

Problem 3 of 3 Dirty Condenser Coil

A dirty condenser coil can cause cooling issues for a kegerator. Even worse, a condenser coil can be badly damaged by dust.

So, cleaning the dirty condenser coil is necessary too. If you see any dust or dirt, then make sure to clean it.

Follow the steps to clean any dirt from the condenser coil.


Firstly, unplug the kegerator.

Secondly, use a narrow vacuum attachment to clean any dirt around the kegerator. Schneider Industries Micro Vacuum Attachment is one of the best.

Thirdly, you should use a long brush to clean stubborn debris or dust. We recommend using Venitek Dryer.

Again use a vacuum cleaner to clean away any remaining dust.

Finally, plug in the kegerator and set the ideal temperature.

That’s all about troubleshooting the kegerator’s temperature issues. By following the discussed solutions, you can easily fix the issue. 

However, be careful and try to unplug the kegerator to troubleshoot. Or else electric shock can lead to cardiac arrest.


Keep It Clean

Remove the beers from the kegerator. Dust may be removed using microfiber towels. Then replace everything. This should be done at least once a month. We recommend using Chemical Guys MIC.


Keep It Full

It’s critical to keep your kegerator filled to maintain the chilly interior temperature. If you’re low on liquids, a few liters of water will suffice.

Ensure the Temperature is Just Optimum.

Maintain a temperature of 34 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the kegerator. Because it is the ideal temperature to store beer.


How Long Does a Keg Beer Last?

Depending on the type of beer, kegs can last anywhere from 30 days to three months. Pasteurized beer has a shelf life of three months. On the other hand, unpasteurized beer has a shelf life of five to two months.

What Type of Coupler is Ideal?

There are six distinct fittings for a beer coupler. It is determined by the brand of beer purchased. The D coupler is the most popular form of beer coupler.

How long does a kegerator take to get cold?

A kegerator needs a minimum of 24 hours to get cold. If you put a beer keg before that, the beer may not properly be cold.


We have gone through every important aspect regarding Kegerator not cold enough.

Here’s a tip for you. If you want accurate temperature measurement, then use a secondary thermostat. That way you can properly and accurately get your kegerator to a chilly temperature.

Have a good day and take care!

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