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Hurricane Burner vs Banjo Burner- The Best for Brewing?

It really gets tough to choose the perfect burner for your brewing setups. Especially when there are many types of burners such as banjo, hurricane, jet, and so on. While some are easy to differentiate, others can be very confusing.

With that said, which one is better between the hurricane burner vs banjo burner?

Usually, banjo burners have more pressure output than hurricane burners. Moreover, the BTU ratings in banjo burners are almost two times higher than in hurricane burners. However, low-pressure hurricane burners are lighter than banjo burners. So, they offer better portability and ease of usage.

Well, I don’t think knowing this much will be significant in the long run. For a better understanding, I encourage you to join me in the full comparison!

A Quick Look at the Two Burners:

There are many attributes that can easily point out which one is better than the other. 

However, if you were to consider all the factors, then the discussion becomes interesting. Because only then does the truth about these burners get revealed.

While there are many comparing elements, some things are the same for both the burners. For example, both of them can make incredible yeast beer starters. 

So, they do share some common grounds despite having tons of differences.

With that said, here’s a look view of all the important comparisons-

Differentiating CharacteristicsBanjo BurnersHurricane Burners
BTU Ratings (on average)50,000 to 150,00035,000 to 60,000
Dimensions (For a single burner)20 x 14 to 22 x 15 inches13 x 7.5 to 15 x 10 inches
Weight (On average)Around 30 poundsAround 24 pounds
MaterialsMostly Heat resistant and waterproof steel frameGenerally stainless steel
Pressure SensitivityHigh-pressureLow-pressure
Where to GetCheck AvailabilityCheck Availability

Now that you know which should be the focus of the comparison, the stage is set. In the next segment, I’ll dive deep into all the characteristics in full detail.

The Complete Comparison:

I know you’re here to know all the details to finally make a decision. So, let’s not make you bathe in suspense and get straight into it!

Weight & Build:

Portability and weight are obviously key elements for any burner. Because you might have to change the location or the setup. That’s why it’s quite important to know about the dimensions.

A hurricane single burner weighs almost 10 pounds less than banjo burners. That’s why when you put a 20 qt wort on it, the build gets pretty huge. Here’s one example of such a Brewbuilt homebrewing setup-

Hurricane double burners, however, are bulkier than single banjo burners. It’s quite obvious that they will be heavy because of twice the burning units. 

Winner: Long story short, hurricane burners tend to be lighter than banjo burners.

Pressure & BTU Ratings:

Let me state that without any suspense. The banjo burners are easily better in terms of both pressure and BTU ratings. Let me explain a bit.


Banjo burners can offer better pressure output. Moreover, these high-pressure banjo burners go up to 200,000 BTU with a single burner. On the other hand, hurricane burners can get only up to 75,000 BTU.

However, hurricane burners can be better when you’re doing something that requires low pressure.

So, if you’re planning for an early diacetyl rest for your beer, hurricane burners are better.

Winner: Banjo burners have better BTU ratings and pressure measurements.


Now, both the burners are not equipped with the same capacity limit. While both have a minimum of 15 quarts of liquid brewing, banjo burners can exceed the limit. 

You can easily mount 450 pounds or 20+ quarts of liquid in banjo burners.

The burning process won’t be affected that much. But as hurricane burners tend to have lower BTU ratings, it’s not easy to go past the capacity limit. Even the best in class 63-5112 cast iron stove hurricane burners suffer in that regard

That’s why any enriched corn meal food is better suited for banjo burners.

Winner: A bit more liquid capacity is found in banjo burners.


Well, for many, this is the highlight of their purchase decision. That’s why I wanted to discuss the price at the very last. Otherwise, you would not get the full picture.


Even with the better BTU ratings and high pressure, the banjo burners are more affordable. I know it seems like an insane deal that you get the best of both worlds. But that’s actually the fact!

When on sale, you can get banjo burners as low as $50-60. Also, they are always available in most of the online marketplaces! I’ve personally used Concord Deluxe Banjo Burner which is a great deal in the $100 price range! 

I’ve rarely come across anything better than that. Along with that, Bayou Classic Banjo Burner is another great choice. While the price is a bit steep, the build materials on this one are superb!

So, if you’re using it for a couple of years, then the total cost would be quite less. For example, over five years of usage, it would cost you around just $50 per year. Because the cost of the burner is quite less. You’ll only need the burner fuel to use it.

However, hurricane burners start from a steeper price at $70-80. And they rarely go on sales. So, if you’re using it for five years and above, you’re looking at around $60-70 cost per annum.

The regular price of these burners tends to start from $90. Even at that price, banjo burners are totally worth it.

Winner: Banjo burners are almost $20-30 less than hurricane burners on average.

Hurricane Vs Banjo Burner- Which One to Go for?

In many instances, you’ll have to make a tough decision. Now is such an occasion when you have to choose one way or another.

As mentioned before, if portability is your priority, it’s best to go for hurricane burners. However, hurricane burners are low-pressure units with less BTU ratings. That can be a major deal breaker for many. 

Because it takes longer to reach high temperatures with hurricane burners.

Even the price is more reasonable for banjo burners. You can find as low as $50 burners when they are on sale. 

However, the regular price is almost twice that amount. The scary thing is that hurricane burners are costlier.

So, in my opinion, it’s better to go for banjo burners. If you decide to go that way, here are some of the most used burners for brewing-

Oh, another important thing to remember. When you get the burners, it’s best to get some burner heads as well because you’ll need them in the feature.

Well, there’s no other thing you’ll need for now with your burners. So, just pick one that you like and you’ll have a great time brewing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which One Is Better Between Jet Burner Vs Banjo Burner?

At the same PSI level, the banjo burner is more efficient than the jet burner. Moreover, the temperature that the banjo burner can reach is more than the jet burner. Banjo burners can take the heat up to 200 degrees Celsius within 5 minutes. However, the jet burner falls short by 10-15 degrees in that time period.

What Are the Best Propane Burners for Brewing?

There are many great propane burners such as bayou classic, hurricane, kahuna, northern brewer, etc. All of these burners require propane gas to produce fire and heat. They are precise and can produce tremendous heat compared to jet burners. However, not all of them are easy and portable to carry

How Many BTU Do I Need for Brewing?

Usually, there’s no exact measurement for BTU count for brewing. However, you can estimate the least BTU required for individual gallon pots. For 5 gallons of wort pot, the least BTU count is 55,000. For 10 gallons of wort pot, the least BTU count is 100,000. Anything larger than 15 gallons will require 200,000+ BTU.


At last, the discussion of the hurricane burner vs banjo burner has come to an end. Now, you just need to pick one and get going with your brewing.

I hope you’ll have a tremendous well-fermented beer to enjoy!

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