How to Store Hop Rhizomes

You may use hop rhizomes to grow plants. However, storing the hop rhizomes can be a hard nut to crack.

This can make you think, “how to store hop rhizomes?”

After gathering the hop rhizome from the field, the moment of storing comes. Before using the plucked rhizomes at your land, you have to store them at a cool temperature. The rhizomes should be neither too dry nor too soaked. That’s why store the rhizomes in any bag with a slight amount of water.

Still, just this much won’t be enough. For that, you need to know more.

Now don’t stop drinking beer! I am here with just the article to ease your quest.

So ready up the rhizomes home-brewer. It’s high time to store them!

The Hibernation Adventure Begins

After harvesting the rhizome and gathering it from the land, the next thing of concern is storing hop rhizomes. It’s a cluster of multiple yet easy steps.

Step-01: Dry Up The Rhizomes

The first and foremost thing that you have to do for the preservation of hop rhizome is, dry it up. 

This way you will decrease the amount of water in the hop rhizome. You can measure the moisture without hydrometer.

Generally, freshly picked hops contain water equivalent to 80% of their total weight. You can reduce up to approximately 10% by drying up. 

There are many ways you can dry up the rhizomes. You can think of these things-

  • Hops dryer
  • Oven with great airing system
  • Dehydrators for foods

Now you can ready up your newly picked hop rhizomes for storing!

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Step-02: Pack Up

Use packets which can be perfectly air-tight. The main concept is to keep it in a zero-air condition. 

Source: bendbulletin

Use packs or sacks that have an airlock feature. You can use zip-lock bags, vacuum pots, embossed vacuum bags, etc. 

Here’s our recommendation for vacuum bags to pack up.

Step-03: Liquify

Once the packet is ready, put your hop rhizome in the bag and pour a small amount of water. 

Before hop rhizome planting, it should not be too dehydrated. Thus the water is added to maintain the appropriate moisture. 

However, don’t give too much water. The rhizomes can get much soggy. 

Apart from this, You can use coconut thread, and shredded papers to preserve the humidity of the rhizomes till you plant them.

Step-04: Chill Out

Once the rhizomes are damped and packed, keep them at a low temperature. For that, you can store the rhizomes in the refrigerator or cold storage. 

Typically, you can keep the temperature to some value of 1 to 5 degrees of celsius. This cool temp makes the rhizomes stay asleep until the season of planting hop rhizomes comes.

Follow these steps and store up the hop rhizomes.

Duration for Storing Hop Rhizomes: Sands of Time

Well, you know how to store hop rhizomes. Then how long can hop rhizomes be stored

Don’t worry, there’s an answer to that as well!

Normally, if you follow the steps of storing hop rhizomes appropriately, then you will be able to keep your hop rhizomes well preserved for a number of months. Till then you won’t need to think much about the rhizomes and they can be pretty fresh and lively.

Actually, it depends on the way you are storing the rhizomes. You can even preserve the rhizomes for some days also. 

Instead of any damping, simply keep the rhizomes in some normal black poly bags. This way, they will stay fine for three days at max.

What’s The Perfect Season to Store

Typically, hop rhizomes need some special attention during winter. In fact, you can winterize hop plants

So, You may think about how to store hop rhizomes over the winter.

You can preserve the hop rhizomes during the winter season. 

During winter, the temperature drops, sometimes even below the chilling point. As a result, the creepers wear out and the petals fall. 

Maybe the stern does not get any frostbite, still, it’s wise to store them during winter. 

Or, you can use mulch to cover up the plants and preserve the temperature.

So, save the hop rhizomes over winter. Unvault just when to harvest hop rhizomes.


Phew! Now you know how to store hop rhizomes. However, you must stay vigilant. Note down these points and be careful while storing hop rhizomes. 

Otherwise, you may not get the best hop for your stout.

Key Point-01: Choose The Hops Carefully

Before storing the hops, you must know how long for hop rhizomes to sprout

You can’t take the rhizome hops unless they grow. 

So, pick up the hop rhizomes when they are ready. Especially, after three weeks on the plantation, hop rhizomes sprout. You can select them after that. 

Key Point-02: Dry Carefully

Carefully dry the hop rhizomes when you are about to store them. 

If you over-dry the hop rhizomes, they may lose some mass. Plus, the hops might get a papery texture.

Moreover, if you do less drying, the hops will turn smelly. 

The best way is to try and maintain appropriate drying parameters. 

Key Point-03: Do Not Break the Seal

Make sure the packet you are using for packaging has a perfect air-lock mechanism. Otherwise, the moisture of the hop rhizomes can get messed up.

There you go! Keep them in mind and avoid the unexpected!


What is The Optimal Temperature to Dry Up The Rhizomes?

If you are up for drying up hop rhizomes, try not to cross the temperature limit of 140 degrees of Fahrenheit. This is the ideal temperature considered for the dry-up process.

In this way, the fragrances of the rhizomes may fade away, but you can store them without any difficulties.

How Many Days Should I Dry Up The Rhizomes?

Don’t dry up the hop rhizomes for more than 3 days. Drying up is done to prevent the isomerizations and deterioration of the hop rhizomes. If you dry up for more days, then hop rhizomes can get spoiled. You can fasten dry up by using a fan, thus increasing the airing.

Are Rhizome and Bulb The Same?

No. The bulb is an embryo with chunky scales but a rhizome is transformed into an underground branch. Again the bulb doesn’t arise horizontally like the rhizomes. The rhizome can be of many shapes whereas bulbs are mostly spherical. So, there’s some difference there.

Can I Split Hop Rhizomes?

Yes, you can. Splitting is required for hop rhizomes. It’s because hop rhizomes grow in a huge numbers and stay clogged up. Split the rhizomes at an interval of three years. Also, try to split when the plant is about six inches in height. Thus, separate the rhizomes for their betterment!

Last Words

This is it, farmer! That’s all I got on “how to store hop rhizomes”. 

Remember, if you have confusion, you can go to an expert to seek help. Perhaps your problem might get resolved then.

Till then have a blast and happy homebrewing!

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