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Fridge Or Freezer for Kegerator? The Ultimate Choice

There are mainly two ways to make a kegerator, using a fridge or freezer. And it can be quite confusing to choose between the two. 

So, fridge or freezer for kegerator? 

For making a kegerator, the freezer is easy to convert compared to the fridge. Again, freezers are more spacious than fridges, that’s why they can store more beers. But freezers can cost you a bit more than fridges and it’s a bit bulky to move easily. Freezers are a bit heavy compared to fridges.

Of course, we can tell that this isn’t enough for you to make up your mind. We’ve given the procedures of both options. So, keep reading further to see which one suits you best!

Fridge or Freezer: Quick Comparison 

Before getting into the more detailed part of the article, let’s see a quick glimpse!

FeaturesFreezer Fridge
Conversion Easy Difficult 
Barrels Heavier Lighter 
Moisture Builds up Doesn’t build up
Temperature controller Needed Not needed 
Collar Have to build Don’t have to build 
Insulation BetterGood
Space Larger space Smaller space

Now, let’s get to know about these features a bit more. 

Fridge or Freezer: Detailed Comparison

It’s normal to not be satisfied with a quick overview. And for that, we will now be getting into the details of the differences. Knowing how to build a kegerator from a fridge or freezer will instantly let you decide. 

But sometimes that isn’t enough. So, we will break down all the big differences between the two. Let’s take a look and find out which is better: fridge or freezer?


Chest freezers are normally known to be better insulated. On the other hand, the doors of the refrigerators are not properly insulated. Also, make sure of one thing when you install a tap on the wall of the fridge.

fridge or freezer

While installation the cooling lines inside the walls can be damaged. So, make sure to look out for that. These cooling lines are planted inside the insulation. 

Winner: Freezer is better insulated than your typical fridges. So, it can offer better temperature encapsulation for your brew.


Before we get into this topic. Remember efficiency isn’t the only thing that you should worry about. You should also check if a fridge is easier to convert or a freezer. 

Converting mini fridge with freezer to kegerator is also an easy option. Also, there are good conversion kits to help you ease up the process.

The refrigerator is said to be quite inefficient. The reason for this is that fridges tend to have an immense amount of airspace. Also, the compressor is not that efficient. 

For a freezer, you can also use a collar. This collar will allow you to change the fridge back to the way it was. If you ever feel necessary.

mini fridge with freezer

A fridge on the other hand once converted cannot be reverted. But when it comes to efficiency based on labor the fridge could be your best option. As putting kegs in the fridge is easier. 

Kegs that you will need to put in the freezer are heavier. So, you either need a helping hand or hoist it in the freezer. 

But when it comes down to temperature, the freezer is more efficient. The freezer will use less energy to keep the beverages at a cooler temperature. 

Winner: Both are excellent in offering efficient cooling for your brewing. 


Since the freezer is generally bigger in size. It should be able to hold more than a refrigerator. A chest freezer typically has the capacity of holding 6 kegs. 

But a fridge can hold up to two to four corny beer kegs. Both these options can easily hold 12 oz or 16 oz beer

Winner: There’s no debate about the freezer being superior when it comes to capacity. You can store more beers in a freezer compared to a fridge.

Temperature Controller Requirement: 

When it comes to using fridges for kegerators, you will not need a temperature controller. Then again a temperature controller is a must when using a freezer. 

And since there is no temperature controller for the freezers. You can already tell that there is no way to control the temperature. Hence, the freezers will always run.

Temperature Controller

Because of this reason, many prefer to choose fridges. However, getting one yourself can be a tedious task as there are many options out there. Fret not, as we can recommend some of the best ones for you-

Now, let’s discuss a bit more about the temperature thingy.

The temperature controller of the freezer allows the freezer to turn on sometimes. And the temperature not being super cold all the time is good for the beverages. 

The chest freezers also have the ability to hold all the cold. While the fridges do not have this ability. As soon as you open the door all the cold seems to run out. 

Since we’re talking about temperature you could be thinking, which is better freezer on top or bottom of refrigerator? 

Generally, the bottom of the refrigerator is better in terms of thermal conductance. It can get much colder than the top compartment of a refrigerator.

The bottom freezer is said to have more space. And since huge kegs will be placed into the kegerator. They will need a lot of space. 

So, we can easily understand that the bottom freezer is better. But, when it comes to energy efficiency, top freezers win.

Winner: In most cases, fridges don’t require a temp controller which reduces your cost. However, you must get one if you have to go for the freezer.

Final Verdict

After a thorough discussion we can come to a conclusion that a freezer is the better option. While both are great and will work just fine for your kegerator. But we can see that in all cases the freezer definitely takes the lead. 

So, thinking of looking at some good freezers? Check out our top recommendations-

Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer

Midea MRC070S0AWW Chest Freezer is probably the best one we used personally. You really have to use it to feel the difference.

Northair Chest Freezer – 3.5 Cu Ft

Northair Chest Freezer – 3.5 Cu Ft is better if you want diversity. It even comes with two extra baskets if you want to store extra stuff.

Koolatron Large Chest Freezer

Another great choice can be Koolatron Large Chest Freezer. It has a total capacity of 195L which is enough to store your brew.

The fridge is also quite suitable for brewing. And it does not take up much space. So, overall it won’t be such a bad option. 

Now, it’s up to you to choose and make this decision that we hopefully made easier for you. Another word of advice is always to try to brew with lavender. This will enhance the taste and smell. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Given below are some commonly asked questions you could relate to-

For how long is it okay to keep beer in the kegerator?

It depends solely on what kind of beer you’re keeping. The duration is 6 and 2 months for pasteurized and unpasteurized beers respectively. 

After how many days should the keg lines be cleaned?

The keg lines should be cleaned every 2 weeks. For the cleaning process, you can use alkaline detergent. This alkaline detergent will help you clean films and protein that builds up. 

Can you tap your keg two times?

Yes, a keg can be tapped two times. If an O2 or manual pump is being used then you should tap it only once.

How big does the fridge have to be for a kegerator?

The perfect size fridge for your kegerator would be 3.2 cubic feet. This size fridge is great if you want to keep only one keg. But if you’re planning on fitting a full barrel of beer the fridge has to be 4.4 cubic feet. On the other hand, a two-tap system requires 5.5 feet. 

How can I recycle kegs? 

Recycling kegs is a brilliant idea. Not only is it good for the environment but you can also make it into things that are pretty useful. You can make it into an industrial urinal, tandoor oven, a mailbox, guitar amplifier, bar stools, keg planters, etc. it’s crazy the things you can do with a keg. 


We hope after reading the article you’ve made up your mind. On whether to use a fridge or freezer for kegerator. With the above information, it should be an easy pick!

Whichever you choose we’d like to believe we could give clear instructions on how to convert a kegerator. 

Happy Brewing.

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