Flaked Oats vs Rolled Oats

Flaked oats or rolled oats? A question you can get easily stumbled upon.

Finding the answer is often hectic since oats can be of many types and there are slight differences out there.

Flaked oats vs rolled oats, what are the differences?

One firm difference between flaked oats and rolled oats is that rolled oats are dry. But the flaked oats are wetted in nature. It takes no time to cook flaked oats, say around 5 minutes. For rolled oats, it can take up to 15 minutes to cook, or even more. The difference goes on!

However, that’s not just it. You need to know more if you want to get them.

As long as I am around here, that won’t be a problem. I present you with this article, enough to describe the differences.

Let’s proceed then!

Head to Head Comparison : Flaked Oats vs Rolled Oats

Since we are about to find the explicit differences between rolled oats and flaked oats, let’s have an overview. 

Here’s a quick scope of the comparison between rolled oats and flaked oats:

Features of comparisonFlaked OatsRolled Oats
AppearanceWetted, cut into piecesDried, rolled
Cooking before mashNot necessaryNecessary
Used in Cereals, Meals made from oatsUsed for beers
Cooking time5 minutes15 minutes
Cost Around $20.00 USD (for 1 lb)Around $15.00 USD (for 1 lb)

There we go! This is a quick rumble between rolled oats and flaked oats.

In-Depth Comparison: Flaked Oats vs Rolled Oats

It’s time to dig deep into the differences. After all, you want a clean idea about flaked oats vs rolled oats, right?

Perhaps then you can focus if you need a 16 oz or a 12 oz beer.

Grain Nature

Oats is a grained food item. So, the nature of the grain is an important thing to consider.

Flaked oats are wet in nature. Once the oats are processed, especially during the rolling of the oats, they are soaked. As a result, flaked oats are used in making beer often.

In this case, rolled oats are kind of dried. During the rolling or the making procedure, the oats get completely dried up.

Source: foodnetwork

Thus, the moisture gets removed from the rolled oats.

Manufacturing Process

Surely, you don’t eat raw oats directly from the field! Whether you are using porridge oats or flaked oats in stouts, there’s always some processing.

The basic principle of rolled oats processing is, rolling. Firstly, the oats get boiled. Then the ats get flattened by using rollers. 

These big wheels not only flatten the oats but squeeze them all dried up. And you end up with dried and neat rolled oats.

The processing of flaked oats is also somewhat the same as rolled oats. The oats get steamed, then wetted. Finally, the wetted oat is squeezed.

However, that’s just the first part. After this, this wetted oat gets cut into pieces. 

Normally steel cutters are used to get such flakes of oats. This is how you get flaked oats.

Ultimately, flaked oats and rolled oats have the same processing except, the flaked ones get wetted and sliced. Whereas rolled oats are basically rolled oats found from grain millers.

ETA for Cooking

Now oats can take a certain amount of time to get cooked. Let’s see what our contestants got for us.

It takes not more than 5 to 6 minutes to cook flaked oats.

On the other hand, rolled oats can take more time than that. For instance, around fifteen minutes.

Why such delay?

It’s because of the processing of the oats. As described earlier, flaked oats are cut into small pieces. While no such thing is done for rolled oats. 

The golden rule is, “ The smaller the size, the quicker the cooking.”

For this reason, small flakes of oats take less time to cook. If compared to a  big batch of rolled oats.

Need of Pre-Mash

Should you need to precook or pre-mash the oats? And flaked oats and rolled oats have a significant difference in this regard. Just like malted and unmalted barley.

For rolled oats, it is necessary to precook the rolled oats before using them. Rolled oats don’t get soaked with malts during the process. 

So, if you are planning to use rolled oats, pre-cook them. In this way, you can add up the necessary ingredients with the rolled oats.

However, for flaked oats, it’s not necessary to cook the oats before using them. It’s because they are already wetted, using malts. Thus, you can use the flaked oats directly.

Because of this pre-cook term, using flaked oats is more efficient than using rolled oats. In fact, flaked oats substitute rolled oats for this reason.

Well, the reason is that rolled oats require pre-cook where you can avoid it for flaked oats. This way, save up time for processing flaked oats, and thus efficiency increases.


Price can be a crucial topic for comparison between any products. The same goes for our fellow oats here!

Rolled oats come kind of reasonably. One pack of 1 lb of rolled oats costs approximately 15.00 USD.

While flaked oats are kind of posh kids of the town in this case. One pack of flaked oats costs almost 20.00 USD. Pretty expensive, right?

It takes more to process flaked oats than rolled oats. For flaked oats, other than rolling, wetting, and cutting processes are maintained. 

Here’s our recommendation for some good-quality rolled oats out there.

If we look at rolled oats, there are no other processes than just rolling. This is the one sole cause of flaked oats being way more expensive than the old-school rolled oats.

Final Trial

It’s time for a decision. Rolled or flaked, both types of oats are great. 

If you want easy to cook efficient oats, then pick flaked oats. They are already processed. Maybe a bit expensive, still quick and easy to cook. 

Or use rolled oats for IPA. Simple and reasonable. 


Are Flaked Oats and Quaker Oats The Same?

No. Flaked oats are wetted, in others malted. On the other hand, Quaker oats are not malted. This is the main difference between the Quaker oats and flaked oats. Before using the Quaker oats, malts must be added to the oat. For flaked oats, additional malt is not necessary.

Can I Reduce Weight By Eating Oats?

Yes! You can reduce weight by eating oats. Oats are considered one of the weight loss foods. It helps to cut extra fats in the body. Oast takes time to digest. Thus, the more time, the more fats get burnt. 

Is Flaked Oats Good for Beer?

Yes. Flaked oats have been a recent addition to the brewing industry and it’s pretty good.. However, it has already become pretty famous in the industry. It’s because flaked oats contain all the necessary nutrients.It gives a mouth-watering flavor to the beer.


That’s the end of the journey, mate! Hope you got the winner of flaked oats vs rolled oats

However, you can go to any oats expert for further advice, if you have any queries.

Till then, have a blast.

Wanna have a beer? On me then!

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