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Citra vs Galaxy: What Are The Differences?

Brewing requires many choices to be made. Selecting which hop to use is one of the more significant concerns. 

So, you may be wondering which one to choose when it comes to citra vs galaxy?

Between Citra and galaxy hops, Citra has a sweeter taste than the galaxy. On the other hand, the taste of the galaxy is a mixture of sweet and tart. Also, Citra originates from the USA while the galaxy originates from Australia. The taste of Citra is somewhat mango-like while galaxy has a hint of passionfruit. 

Well, this was only a brief summary of the entire discussion. Want to know more about how the two hops differ? Go through this article to get a clearer idea.

So, without wasting any more time let’s jump right in!

Short Overview

There are 4 key ingredients needed for brewing beer. They are water, hops, yeast, and barley. All of these have different varieties and picking the right one can be confusing. 

That is especially true for hop selection. Citra and Galaxy are in the same category but they are not the same. So picking between them might be confusing. 

Here is a short list differentiating between Citra and galaxy hops.

Flavor & AromaSomewhat of a mango/peach flavorA prominent passion fruit-like flavor
Hop PairingMost paired with MosaicMost paired with Citra
PriceCheck Price from AmazonCheck Price from Amazon

This list is not enough to give a clear picture about the two hops. So we have a detailed comparison below. 

Note that these hops are discussed in the case of beer brewing. They are not the ideal hops for stouts

Detailed Comparison 

All the aspects mentioned above need more detail to give you the full picture.

Galaxy hops

So this section will dive deeper into all the aspects and help you decide your pick. 


The country of origin may not have much of an impact on the beer brewing process. But it is still something you ought to know. The country of origin may impact the availability of the product in your region. 

Citra was first developed in the United States. The Hop Breeding Company of Yakima first developed and released Citra in 2008. 

Galaxy hops started its journey in Australia back in 1994. Though it was developed in the mid-90s, it was released way later in the year 2009. 

Galaxy hops are considered Hop Products of Australia’s (HPA) biggest success.

Winner: This round is a draw. The country of origin will have an effect based on where you are from, nothing else. 

Flavor and Aroma:

This is an extremely important comparison. The flavor can be a deal-breaker or maker for many. So let’s see which hops have what kind of a flavor. 

Unlike the flavour of 12oz beer and 16oz beer, the taste of hops play a significant difference in the end result.  

The citra acid is a high alpha acid hop. But it also has a smooth and strongly floral and citrus flavor and aroma. Now you may wonder what does Citra taste like?

Citra has a huge range of delicate fruity characteristics taste. The flavor can be somewhat compared to mango, peach, grapefruit, melon, gooseberry, and lychee. It also has a smooth bitterness.  

As you can see here, the taste of citra hops are loved by many for it’s unique citrusy taste-

Of all hops, the galaxy has one of the highest concentrations of essential oils. Galaxy is known to have a strong flavor and aroma of passion fruit. 

Sometimes the galaxy has a pineapple-like or some other tropical fruit flavor as well. The galaxy hop has no pine, floral, or spice characteristics. 

Galaxy hops are all-rounders and can work with complimenting other hops perfectly. It can even act as the primary flavor. 

Galaxy hops are especially suited for late boils and dry hopping. It is because of their high alpha acid contents.

The above-mentioned flavors of citrus, a hint of grass, and passion fruit make galaxy hop beers special. 

Winner: This sector is also a draw because taste and flavor are very subjective. We noted the flavors of each hop, which one tastes better is up to you. 

Brewing Value:

There are common ranges seen in galaxy hop and Citra hop. But values can vary from yield to yield. But here is a comparison between the two and notes on what matters. 

Characteristic Citra (Average)Galaxy (Average)Effects
Alpha Acid %12.5%13.5%Alpha acids mean more bitterness in beer. Boiling the beer longer creates isomerization of extra alpha acids and raises the bitterness.
Beta Acid %3.8%7%Beta acids are the reason behind volatile aromatic and flavor properties. and has no contribution to bitterness.
Alpha-Beta Ratio4:12:1The ratio represents the amount of bitterness that fades during aging. 1:1 is the standard ratio for most of the aroma varieties.
Cohumulone as % of Alpha27.5%37%Higher cohumulone hop adds a more sharp bitterness to the final beer. But low % adds a smoother bitterness
Total Oil (ml/100g)2.3 ml3.4 ml The highly volatile can be boiled off with ease and they are soluble. But can increase the flavor and aroma to the completed beer if added later in the boiling or fermentation process.

So, we can conclude that this is a very subjective matter. 

One more thing you can do to increase the taste of hops is to use a strainer. A strainer helps to strain all the essential juices from the hops and filter out the unwanted parts that interfere with the taste. 

You can go for either the Hop Spider Micron Mesh Stainless Steel Hop Filter or the Brew Bags Fine Mesh Strainer Bag. Both of these from my experience work super well for enhancing the taste of the hops in the beer. 

Winner: The brewing value is also very subjective to taste. Some like more bitterness with less aroma, and some like the opposite. 

Hop Pairing:

Hop blending is an important skill. Some hop pairings are better than others. And both the Citra and the galaxy pair differently with different hops. 

So let’s see which is paired more with that.

The top three most paired hops with Citra are:

These hops work best with Citra. You need to be extra careful while pairing Citra as the taste is pretty strong.

Hop Pairing

Now, moving on to the top three most paired hops with the galaxy are:

These hops work best with the galaxy. This is not the whole list, other hops work too. Each hop combination adds a different flavor. 

Winner: there is again no clear winner. Both hops mix with a variety of other hops to produce different blends.


The price of the hop you are buying matters too. Sometimes paying a premium will not yield the result you are looking for. Sometimes the cheaper option might be the better choice.

Brewing Value

Hops are mostly sold in packets. 1 oz of Citra will cost you around $5 to 7 depending on where you live. 

Most hops are sold in packets. You’ll have to pay $5 to $7 for 1 oz. of galaxy. However, It depends on where you live. If you live outside australia the price be higher as there’ll be added shipping costs. 

Winner: The prices are too similar to declare a clear winner.

Final Verdict: Which Hops Should You Go for?

Different beer hops give a different flavor, aromas, and essence to the beer. So using Citra or galaxy will change how the beer tastes. 

The choice is completely up to you. Both of the hops are excellent and widely popular. If you like a more bitter taste then go for the galaxy hop pellets and if you prefer your beers sweeter than get the Citra hops. 

Our comparison will only give you an idea about what each hop has to offer. But the final decision lies with you.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Citra hops citrus?

Citra hop has no relation to citrus fruits. Many call Citra hops “Citrus-Pits”, but Citra and citrus have nothing in common. Citra hops are fully made from citrusy notes. In no part of making Citra hops are citrus added or used. 

Is galaxy good for dry hopping?

The galaxy hop is amazing for dry hops. Galaxy hop is a great all-round hop. The flavor of galaxy hop is unique for sure, but that is liked by most people. And the galaxy is a perfect dry hop. 

Is Citra an American hop?

Yes, Citra is an American hop. The hop was created by American John I. Haas, and Select Botanical Groups through a joint venture. The Hop Breeding Company of Yakima first released Citra in 2008. 


Now we know so much more about citra vs galaxy. Both are widely popular in the brewing world. 

Always make sure to buy dried hop pellets as it gives off a stronger taste. It lasts a long time as well. 

Good luck with brewing!

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