Auto Siphon Not Working

Auto Siphon Not Working [Reasons With Easy Fixes]

You take your auto-siphon to use but it’s not working. And you don’t know what was wrong the last time you used it, it was just fine. Don’t worry more because we got you covered on that.

So, why is my auto siphon not working? 

Your auto-siphon might not be working because of a bad seal or a leaking issue. Sometimes other components are broken or damaged. You should check if there’s a lot of oxygen in your beer while siphoning. Also, you can check if your auto-siphon is making some noise. 

This was just a summary of the problems.  We’ve written a detailed article on why it’s not working and what are the fixes. So keep reading this article to know more.

Why Auto Siphon Isn’t Working

We know that siphoning is one of the skills that are very important to the home brewer. An auto-siphon is a kit that makes this a lot easier and more efficient. 

When it comes to racking beer auto siphon is the most efficient. Auto siphon homebrew transfer is very famous.

Auto siphon is a great tool but it can also be a bit complex for some people. Your auto-siphon might not be working because of a bad seal or a leaking issue. Auto siphon might not work if some of its components are damaged. 

But before that, you have to make sure you are using it properly. Auto siphon brewing makes it easier to rack the beer.

Siphoning is a great mechanism. Another example of siphoning is urinal siphon. And sometimes siphon not flushing because it might be broken. 

Source: renegadebrewing

Many people don’t properly know how to deal with an auto siphoner. 

So first, let’s discuss some of its problems with easy fixes.Then we will know about how to use an auto siphoner properly and how to take care of it. 

2 Reasons Why Your Auto Siphon Isn’t Working And It’s Fix

Even after using an auto-siphon in the right manner, you might not be able to work with it. There are some auto siphon problems that can be fixed. If your auto-siphon is still not working, you can check for these problems and their solutions. 

Reason 1: Replacement of the Fluttering clip

In some cases, the little stopper or fluttering clip can be displaced from the tube. Well, you might wonder how, even after using and cleaning it properly, how it is displaced. 

Normally people throw that away once it’s displaced. But don’t have to do that.

When you start using your auto-siphon and you hear some rattling sound, you don’t know what happened. Then you figure out that the fluttering clip has come out. Now let’s figure out how to fix it.

Fix: Place it again

To fix it you’ll need two very simple tools-

  1. A very thin stick. Like the Rubbermaid sanded wood handle
  2. A double stick tape. The reusable Ezlifgo Double sided tape can be a good choice.

Now, let’s move into the process-

  1. Take a small piece of double-stick tape and put it around the end of the stick. Make sure it’s adhered to well.
  2. Now take the stopper or fluttering clip and just push right on the top of the taped stick.
  3. Now carefully guide it down the tube and watch how it matches up the end. Try looking from the other end of the tube for a better view.
  4. When the clip is in the right place, give it a little push and it will attach to the tube. Then give the stick a little twist and it will detach from the clip.
  5. And now it’s done. Just sanitize the tube before you start using it.

That’ the fastest and easiest way to fix this problem

Reason 2: Leakage For Bad Sealing

Leakage for bad sealing is one of the most common problems when using an auto-siphon. The small seal in the center of the tube might have some leaking issue. And for that, you’ll see bubbles or airflow around the seal while using it.

You don’t want oxygen into your finished beer. So for that, you really want to make sure that the sealing of your auto-siphon is good enough. 

Now, there is an easy and quick fix to this problem. Let’s get into the solution.

Fix: Using Distilled Water Above The Seal

When you see that there is leakage around the seal there is a quick fix. You can pour some distilled water around and above the sealing. It should fill the area above the seal.

Now even if there is a leakage it won’t leak any air. Instead, some distilled water will be added to your bear. And with that, there will be no unwanted oxygen in your finished beer.

You can pick distilled water from our recommendation below.

So with this trick, you can easily get rid of this problem. And if you want you can also change the seal with a new one.

If you are using kegs for your beers, then you might also face a common problem. If your beer is not coming out from your keg, there is an easy fix to it also.

How To Use An Auto Siphon Properly

Normally an auto-siphon is a very easy tool to use. You’ll just need to practice it one or two times and you are good to go.

But for some people it gets confusing. Before using it, sanitize the auto-siphon properly.

1. Put one vessel above another vessel. Put the vessel below where you are siphoning into. Because this mechanism uses gravity.

2. Now put the siphon on the upper part of the liquid of the vessel that you are siphoning from. And put the tube into the vessel that you are siphoning into.

3. Now pump the racking cane a few times to start the auto-siphon.

4. The auto-siphon should start. And now you can adjust the level of the siphon according to the liquid. 

Auto Siphon Care

One of the most important things about an auto-siphon is the cleaning part of it. You have to know how to clean an auto siphon if you want to use one. So apart all the components to clean it properly.

While cleaning the racking cane make sure not to clean it with excessive force. Racking cane is pretty durable but excessive force might break it as it’s made of plastic.

As an auto-siphon user, you have to make sure that you are replacing the siphon tubes frequently. When you see stains on your tube, you know it’s time to replace it. 

Here’s our recommendation for auto siphon tubes.

And tubing is not that expensive. So to avoid infections make sure you are changing the tubes frequently.

Talking about beers, nowadays we see a lot of people arguing about that. Most of the time they argue about 12 oz vs 16 oz beer though it’s never-ending.


Is an auto-siphon worth it?

Yes, An auto-siphon is absolutely worth it if you are homebrewing. Auto siphon is one of the most efficient tools for reckoning beer. This tool takes siphoning a lot easier.

Why does my siphon keep stopping?

Your siphon may stop if the liquid level is equalized. So make sure to maintain the liquid level and you’ll be good to go.

Why do you have to siphon beer?

You can reduce the amount of sediment in your beer if you siphon beer. So siphoning beer makes your beer much better and it also reduces oxygen.


We have discussed all the fixes you can try if your auto siphon not working. This article should solve all your issues.

This article covers all the problems and also how to use an auto-siphon. 

Because you have to make sure that you are using it in the right way. And then we have also given solutions to some common problems. So this article should solve your problem if your auto-siphon is not working.

So, Good luck with fixing it. Catch you later.

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