12 Oz Vs 16 Oz Beer [Head To Head Comparison]

If you’ve just crossed the age restriction on drinking, we understand your excitement. But before you join drinking parties, hopefully, someone has guided you to the serving quantities.

The drink size measurement for alcohol might seem confusing for beginners. So it’s important that you get some starting ideas before you dive into them.

So, ever found yourself wondering what’s the difference between 12 oz vs 16 oz beer?

12 oz beers come in with 5% alcohol in them. Which makes one serving of 12 oz beer contain 0.6% alcohol. On the other hand, 16 oz beer has 8.1% alcohol in it. That’s nearly 1.3% of alcohol in a 16 oz serving. So, the alcohol concentration is higher in 16 oz beers. 

That was the preview. To know more, keep up with us till the end!

A Quick Comparison: 12 Oz Vs 16 Oz Beer

12 oz and 16 oz refer to the drink size of the beer. Before you move on to an elaborate discussion, take some surface ideas on the size comparison.

Aspects12 oz beer16 oz beer
Amount of alcohol0.61.3
Standard drink comparison1 standard drink1.3 standard drink
Carbs 6.6 g16 g
Sodium 13.6 mg18.1 mg
Magnesium 5%6%
Potassium 91.9 mg122.5 mg
Calories 155195
Price Cheaper Costlier 

Hopefully, this has helped you figure out the basic differences between both drink sizes. Now let’s move on to the detailed discussion about these differences.

Detailed Comparison: 12 Oz Vs 16 Oz Beer

The differences lie in the alcohol content, nutrition facts, and the cost of it. We’ll go through each of them one by one. So, stay with us till the end.

Amount Of Alcohol

12 oz and 16 oz beer have different amounts of alcohol in them. Even if you can’t measure abv without a hydrometer we can help you determine alcohol percentage. 

12 oz beers come with 5% alcohol in them. While 16 oz beers have 8.1% alcohol. So if you’re to calculate the volume of alcohol-

5% of 12 oz beers will have= (0.05×12) = 0.6 while,

8.1% of 16 oz beers will have= (0.081×16) = 1.296. It can be considered 1.3.

So as you can see, 16 oz beer alcohol content is higher than 12 oz. If we are to say numerically, it’s (1.296/0.6) = 2.16. That means, 16 oz beer is 2.16 times stronger than 12 oz beers. It’s the comparison of the alcohol concentration.

So, if you’re looking for a stronger liquor then 16 oz might be better. Or maybe if you’re choosing between lambic or sour 12 oz would be better.

Nutritional Facts

12 oz beers are considered to be the standard serving size. It goes for both 12 oz beer cans and bottles.

Although 16 oz is not said to be the standard serving size. Some people considered it to be their ideal serving for themselves. Especially for those who have higher alcohol tolerances. 

Now, let’s compare the 16 oz beer nutrition facts with 12 oz beers. Firstly, one serving of 12 oz beer contains 155 calories. Whereas calories in 16 oz beer are 195 per serving. Calories in 12 oz beer are much less than a serving of 16 oz beer.

Carbs in 12 oz beer are 6.6g whereas it’s 16g for 16 oz beers. That’s a lot of carbohydrates to take in. Next time you’re about to order a 16-oz beer, think about the calories and carbs.

The amount of potassium, sodium, and magnesium is also high in 16 oz beer. But surprisingly, there’s no sugar in 12 oz beer. The same goes for 16 oz beer. There’s no saturated fat in these amounts as well. 

So, considering the calorie and other nutritional facts, 12 oz is more health befitting. After all, the less alcohol in your system the better it is. It’s a hassle to deal with the aftermath of drinking habits.

Price Comparison

16 oz beer will cost you a few more dollars than 12 oz beer. No matter which restaurant or pub you go to, it’s the universal truth. But what people dwell on is whether it is really worth it or not?

If you’re a light drinker,1 or 2 12 oz beer cans might be enough. But if you take the same amount of 16 oz you’re bound to get drunk. Plus it’ll cost you more.

Once you open a can you’ve to finish it. Because it can’t be saved for later. Beer goes bad if left open for too long. So before you buy, do the math in your head. Regarding this aspect, 12 oz beer would be better.

Final Verdict: 12 Oz Vs 16 Oz Beer

Whether you choose 12 oz beer or 16 oz it’s completely your personal preference. So we can’t just call one better. What we can do is, help you choose the right drink size for yourself.

From our discussion, you may have already gotten the gist by now. We suggest that if you’re a heavy drinker 16 oz will be more fitting. Rather than buying 6 cans of 12 oz, 4 cans of 16 oz are better. It’ll save you money as well.

Similarly, if you’re a light drinker go for 12 oz beers. Those are cheaper and contain less calories as well. So we might say you are already on the winning side.

Given that you’re a drinker, it’s really important to keep your beer cold for a long time. For that, we got some super interesting can coolers for you.


When it comes to brewing, one question leads to another. For new drinkers, it’s pretty common to have more questions. So, let’s have a look.

Are beverage containers reusable?

Yes, beverage coolers are reusable if you recycle them. Most beverage containers are made out of aluminum or glass. Recycled aluminum cans can be used again in about 90 days. This recycling procedure can be performed multiple times. If glass bottles are not damaged they can be recycled.

How much water is in a 12 oz beer?

12 oz beer has 90 to 95% of water and only .6% alcohol in it. Even so, if you feel hungover from drinking too much, take plenty of water. With one serving of 12 oz beer drink 16 oz water. It’ll help you replenish the alcohol in your system and keep you hydrated.

What does standard drink refer to?

A standard drink is the measurement of the ideal alcohol amount one can consume. Each and every type of liquor has a different strength and size. The amount of alcohol in them also varies. That’s why a standard drink measurement is used. It is to keep alcohol consumption in check.


That was everything from us regarding 12 oz vs 16 oz beer. Hopefully, now you’re more clear on the concept of 12-oz and 16-oz drink sizes.

Always remember to take plenty of water after drinking to replenish your body from dehydration. It works well to fight the hangover as well.

Remember not to get too carried away! Stay healthy, stay safe!

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