Best Wallpaper Apps For Android 2019

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Wallpapers have become an important part of our gadgets as well as our life so if you get the best HD wallpapers it adds star to your gadgets. Nowa-days these things have become easy and there are so many apps which give free HD wallpapers for free. So basically you will have so many options from which you could single out the best wallpapers for your cell phone or other gadgets and give that a classic touch.

Here are some listed with HD wallpapers apps for androids and you can have as much as wallpapers as your heart wants.

Best Free Wallpaper Apps For Android 2019

Cool Wallpapers HD

This app is absolutely free and it will surprise you with its quality HD wallpapers. It has bigger library for HD images and almost every sort of so that you do not miss out any of them. Cool wallpaper has about 100,000 collections of photos, you could imagine about its diversity. Even after changing wallpaper each day you will not run out of HD wallpapers.


It might be possible not all will be aware with this name but this is also sure that this app will not disappoint you either.  Wallmax has so many things to offer you such as material design (which is quiet good).  There is no worry of signing up you are free to sign in with Google and this feature would also allow you to keep images save for further.  Feel free with wallmax to have full pleasure of HD wallpapers.


Wonderwall is a fresher in the field of HD wallpapers but this is one of worth to give you the perfect desirous wallpapers. So you are free to have full access of those wallpapers and the best part about this app is that it gives you updated content on a daily basis.  Gradually it is getting popular for its landscape background for free. also read, free movie apps for Android.


It says no when ‘it has ability of providing stuffs full of quality’ then it takes very less time to get popularity so this is the case of the tapet because within no time today almost this app has become known.  Here this app offers so many captivating HD wallpapers which would increase the beauty of your gadgets and standard f your personality. As the app is promising there will be no compromise with quality.

MTP ringtones and wallpapers

This wallpaper is surely one of richest with its quality and variety.   It has both to offer you wallpaper images as well as ringtones so you are free to enjoy the both. Also it offers the notification tones and alarm tones. So this app is definitely a must try if you have not tried this out then you should give it thumps up. Why people love this app because it has several reasons for that matter ‘design elements’ is one of them.  It is very much similar to Zedge.

Muzei Live wallpaper

One two, three let’s just count till five hundred firepapers. Yes you have read right it has 500 firepaper to offer. There is option in this app so if you do not change the setting then the wallpaper will get changed itself it will be like flipping pages each day so if you want to change wallpaper each day that too some epic images then this one is the perfect one and it suits complete taste of you. This app also advocates so many other apps including Android wear and dashclock. So enjoy this beautiful app with so much facility without spending a single penny over this app.

Background HD

As the name is already suggesting the purpose of it so this app is going to give you absolutely lovable pretty wallpaper in HD.  This app comes under the best apps which have things in general to offer one without boasting but definitely by giving. This app also updates its images and wallpaper on a regular basis so no question arises of old wallpapers you will have full access of fresh and new wallpapers. The number of wallpapers will have in your hands it is number one list of ‘must try apps’.

Zedge ringtones and wallpapers

So you should definitely over your hunt with this app because this app is absolute love. It is one of rare apps which has box full of offers. You can go for notification tones, alarm tones. This one has wallpapers and tones which permits you of using according to your taste and convenience. It is definitely in one of the list of must try. There are some more options which will be there and you can access them according to your comfort and taste. Millions of people trust it this app and finding it useful and enjoyable.


So, people who all are looking for HD wallpaper apps for a long time, then you can witness the above listed apps that whenever required. As per your convenience, you can pick the best one.

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