Best Free Movie Apps For Android 2019

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Well, entertainment is the main thing which will help the people to beat their boredom for most of the time. At this stage, they will start to watch their favorite movies through various platforms. Before a decade, people are finding a way to watch movies using DVDs that whenever they find the time. Nowadays, everything has changed and became comfortable for us. Yes, in order to watch movies, you don’t need to spend much amount on buying DVDs. Well, you can watch movies or TV shows with the support of streaming apps.

When it comes to movie streaming applications, you can find various apps to utilize it on your Android devices at any time. If you are looking for the best streaming applications to watch movies for a long time, then you can find the apps which are discussed below. So, people who all are confused in choosing the right apps to watch the movies for free, then you can have a look at below.

Top Best Free Movie Apps For Android 2019

Mega Box HD

When it comes to Mega Box HD, it mainly consumes less memory to download and install. Once the installation process is completed on your device, then you can start to watch any movies from different categories at free of cost. If you are looking for video resolution, then it can be changed as per your convenience and wish. Generally, it comes up with 360p and 720p. At this stage, you can pick the quality according to your internet speed and start to watch it without any buffer in between.


If you are looking to watch movies, TV shows and Anime shows, then this could be best platform to utilize it. When it comes to accessing this application, you don’t need to create an account or don’t require any sign up process. At the same time, it offers a lot of benefits and options to access it in a better way. Even the user interface is very simple for the users at any time. In order to access this application, you don’t require any skills. For information, it is also mainly compatible with Chrome cast.

Tubi TV

One should know that this Tubi TV is mainly said to be one of the best movie applications to download for android device. It is the application that not only allows the user to access and watch the movies but also allow them to utilize the downloading option. Yes, it has the download option to download the movies in order to watch them offline. So, whenever you find your favorite movies to watch, then you can watch them for free on your Android device. Generally, this amazing application is mainly coming up with action, anime and more categories.


If you are a movie freak who is looking for more movies under different categories to watch, then this could be the best choice for you. Usually, this amazing application is mainly updating with various movies every time. In order to check the latest movies, then it is also possible to watch it at any time. Well, you can stream the movies for free that whenever you want. It is also mainly coming up with simple navigation tool which helps to watch the movies under different categories. With the availability of different genres, you can find various movies.

Bobby Movie Box

If you are an android user, then this application is the best choice to use. Once installed successfully on your device, then you don’t witness any advertisements in-between while watching the movies. Also, the application is updating its movies database with various movies regularly. From low to HD quality, you can choose as per your convenience and start to watch your favorite movies or TV shows. At the same time, with the support of a simple user interface, you can stream any movies on your android device.


People who want to download movies without spending money, and then this Hubi application is the best choice for them. Well, this is the application that not only allows the users to watch it online but also helps them to download it. When it comes to the downloading process, this application makes it faster for sure. It is also one of the main reasons where people are considering this app as the best one.


Looking for a popular app to watch movies online for free? Then crackle is one of the best picks. By using this amazing application, you can watch movies and TV shows under various categories that whenever required. Also, every month, the application will be adding new movies in its database to deliver to its users. This application is absolutely free for users to download and install.


So, if you are struggling to find the best free movie apps to download for a long time, then the above-listed apps are helpful to access in a better way on your device. Also, you don’t need to pay a single penny for these apps to download. 

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